Why Outsourcing Software Development to India is an Excellent Investment

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The demand for the development of software applications is on the rise. Starting from healthcare to food, every industry is hugely dependent on the use of software applications to make the work easier. However, it is essential to get a reliable company or rather a country that will provide the kind of software solutions you need. This brings India into the equation.

Over the last few years, most of the foreign countries have turned to India to get their software applications developed. Why so? Because India is a talent pool and the companies are making the most of it. Plus, the cost of getting the job done is much lower compared to other countries. The quality of service you get is unmatched, and that is one of the reasons why you should be outsourcing the software development job to India to IT companies such as Imenso Software. However, before you do, always keep in mind that your outsource partner has to be explained about the utility of the software and what it is meant to do. Moreover, you have to communicate at every step to make sure that everyone is on the right track. There are a few more things that you need to do when you outsource a software development project to India:

Specify your requirements IN DETAIL

It is important to be crystal clear about what you want from the software. Lack of clarity can create confusion among the developers, and this will hamper the timeline to a great extent. Explain the uses of the software and your target customers. This will help the developers to understand your view. Clarify if the team has any doubts and most importantly, make sure you are always available whenever they have any question in mind. Since most of the conversation will take place via email, you have to be clear with the instructions and make everything more lucid for everyone to understand.

Be flexible with the timeline but don’t be a giver all the time

Every company has a plan to launch their new software application and accordingly, the dates are given to the companies in India to develop that application. However, it would help if you also understood that it might take some extra time to provide the finishing touches to the software to make it more popular in the market. So, always have some buffer time in hand so that the developers can put their best in developing the software. Expecting too much from a short period of time may not always be a fruitful idea.

Understand the time and holiday differences

Wherever you are located, there will be a time difference with India. It would help if you always kept that in mind. Most importantly, India has their list of holidays that may not match with the holidays of your country. So, make a list of all the major holidays that India celebrate and plan the software development accordingly.

Why is India the best for software development?

Many other countries can develop the same software and at the same price that you are spending on a company in India, but why should you choose India over the others? Here’s why:

• There is no shortage of companies in India that will be eager to be a part of your project. The humongous talent pool that India has is unmatched, and you can be assured that the quality of service is excellent.

• The operational costs in India are way too less compared to the developed countries. That is why you shouldn’t even think of getting the software developed in your country because it will cost almost 4 or 5 times more. The labor costs are next to nothing, and that is one benefit that you can make the most of.

• The software developers in India with companies like Imenso Software are much more advanced than the others. They have a clear understanding of what the clients want and will deliver exactly what you need. Plus, they are obvious with their English knowledge. So, you won’t have to explain every step, again and again, to get the job done.

India has and will always be one of the leading countries to develop the best software applications in the world. However, they are mostly for foreign companies. So, do not hesitate if you have something in mind because what you will think tomorrow, India is already thinking about it today.

How You Can Manage An Offshore Development Team

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Managing an offshore development team is not an easy task. However, with the right tools and the right team, this can be a challenge that you can easily overcome. This article will guide you on how you can manage an offshore development team, using various resources and skills. Moreover, you will not be able to manage your offshore developers, but also your offshore resources as well.

Things You Need To Do To Manage Your Offshore Development Team

1. Improve Communication

The first thing that you need to do is find a reliable source of communication. Good communication between you and your offshore team developers is essential to be able to conduct day to day business. Therefore, make sure that you establish a reliable source of communication with common time zone and language.

2. Take Advantage Of Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing does not only simplify communication, but it also gives you the privilege of participating in a corporate meeting with your offshore development team. With video conferencing, you can do much more than engage in meetings. You can use this advanced software train your offshore development team, especially when it comes to practical work where a demonstration is required.

3. Set Goals

When it comes to managing an offshore development team, it is advisable that you set smart goals. Settings goals for your offshore development team will help prevent any misunderstanding or confusion between you and the Indian team of software developers. Moreover, make sure that you set a time a limit as well when setting a goal to avoid wastage of time on the same task.

4. Visit Offshore Development Team

Even though these new measures such as video conferencing software you can now offer visual support to your offshore development team in India, it is advisable that you visit the offshore team after a while. Presenting yourself in person will give you time to survey how most of the work has been done and confirm whether work in progress is successful or not.

5. Team Building

Team building will give your offshore staff an opportunity to learn more about you and the vision you have for your business. Team building exercise will help your offshore development team overcome business-related challenges, and as a result, they will stay focused on daily operations. Moreover, include your offshore developers in all your team meetings so that they feel valued.

6. Ask For Regular Updates

Besides using video conference software and other means of communication to ensure progress, it is crucial that you request for regular reports so that you can keep track of your business proceedings. Regular reports will indicate whether the offshore development team is improving in performance or not.


Managing an offshore development team is not an easy task. However, with the help of this guide, you can now improve the productivity of your business by offering support to your offshore team from any region. Furthermore, this also saves you from other additional costs such as travel expenses thanks to advanced features such as video conferencing software.

Let’s Evaluate Indian Software Companies!

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Welcome to SoftwareEvals.com (Software Company Evaluations). My name is Lesa Wood and I’m the founder and author of this website. My mission with this project is to evaluate Information Technology (IT) companies from India and make their services available to companies looking to outsource.

India is rich in tech-talent. If you are looking for experienced and talented developers for technologies like PHP, .NET, Java etc.. then these software developers from India can be of great use and at very affordable hourly rate.

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The most important thing here is to hire the right company. To make your job easier, I’ll evaluate more than 100 Indian software firms and present to you the data as per the technology, years of experience, reviews and ratings.

Also, as a side-project I’ll also be evaluating lots of tech freelancers and will have an extensive list of the same as well. This will further help business and startups from U.S. and UK to confidently outsource their development work to someone who can deliver the desired results at a reasonable price.

Kindly share your feedback about the content I publish here. This will help me improve the quality and be more relevant to the audience.