Let’s Evaluate Indian Software Companies!

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Welcome to SoftwareEvals.com (Software Company Evaluations). My name is Lesa Wood and I’m the founder and author of this website. My mission with this project is to evaluate Information Technology (IT) companies from India and make their services available to companies looking to outsource.

India is rich in tech-talent. If you are looking for experienced and talented developers for technologies like PHP, .NET, Java etc.. then these software developers from India can be of great use and at very affordable hourly rate.

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The most important thing here is to hire the right company. To make your job easier, I’ll evaluate more than 100 Indian software firms and present to you the data as per the technology, years of experience, reviews and ratings.

Also, as a side-project I’ll also be evaluating lots of tech freelancers and will have an extensive list of the same as well. This will further help business and startups from U.S. and UK to confidently outsource their development work to someone who can deliver the desired results at a reasonable price.

Kindly share your feedback about the content I publish here. This will help me improve the quality and be more relevant to the audience.